Community Projects

Launchpad offer a wide and varied range of community projects.  We are very happy to produce tailor made packages to suit our client’s requirements.

Our community projects have included lessons relating to the 20mph zones in partnership with Bristol City Council, workshops with Compass Point Primary School funded by Bristol Green Capital, family fun days with Solon South West Housing Association and an outreach project supported by Sustrans. 

Please contact us if you would like any further information about the type of projects we can offer.

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Previous projects

Winter 2017 -  Launchpad worked in collaboration with Acting Out to produce 'a play in a day' for the third year running.  This year's pantomime was Aladdin BS3.  We had a cast and crew of around 60 children and adults.  We are so proud of everyone and the performance!

Spring 2017 - Launchpad attended the Southbank Arts Trail for our third year.  We had beautiful sunshine in the Southville Centre Garden.  We loved sharing a huge range of art activities with all the children.  It was a super busy weekend and lots of fun!  This project was part funded by the SBA.

Spring 2017 - Launchpad worked with Solon Housing during the Easter holidays.  The children's art activities on offer aimed to bring the Solon community together at a series of events.  We had lots of fun creating Easter and spring themed art with the children.  This project was funded by Solon Housing.

Winter 2016 - Launchpad worked in collaboration with Acting Out to produce 'a play in a day' for the second year running.  This year's pantomime was Southville Cinderella.  The play, costumes, props and scenery were all produced in just one day ready for the evening's performance.  We had a cast of over 50 children and adults and the performance was a sell out!  Please take a look at our photos here: Southville Cinderella pictures

Autumn 2016 - Launchpad worked with children in years 4 and 5 at Compass Point Primary School.  This project aimed to promote and encourage the use of the 'Green Man Route' which is one of several routes in South Bristol that have been created to encourage walking.  Launchpad lead a walk along the Green Man Route to St John's Churchyard.  Here the children completed a variety of art activities including sketching the Green Man sculpture.  They also learned a little about the history of the local area.  Following this trip the children went back to school and each child had the opportunity to paint wooden leaves which are now hung along the Green Man route as markers.  The children were then asked to produce drawings of their own Green Man faces.  Twelve of these designs were chosen so that the children could then produce clay gargoyles with the help of Launchpad and Pottery on Wheels. These were then fired and glazed and will take pride of place along the Green Man route.  This project was funded by Bristol Green Capital.

Summer 2016 - Launchpad worked alongside Avon Fire and Rescue to run an event at Hicks Gate Fire Station.  Activities included a tour of the station, badge making, fire safety talks, a look around the engine and an opportunity to squirt the hoses!

Spring 2016 - Launchpad provided a wide variety of art activities as part of the Southbank Arts Trail.  We enjoyed two beautiful sunny days in the garden at the Southville Centre sharing activities that included fabric painting, collage, face painting, printing and water colour painting.  This project was part-funded by SBA.

Spring 2016 - Launchpad worked with Solon South West Housing Association to provide an art workshop for the families at River Street.  Acivities included painting, 'blow rockets' and a super sized drawing project!  This project was funded by Solon South West Housing Association Ltd.

Spring 2016 - Launchpad worked with Sustrans and Solon South West Housing Association at Grenville Chapel.  Launchpad ran a craft workshop for the residents of Grenville Chapel which included decorating their new secure bike racks. This project was funded by Sustrans.

Winter 2015 - Launchpad and Acting Out teamed up for the first time to produce a 'play in a day'.  We worked with a cast of nearly 50 people with an age range of 6 to 60.  Our challenge was to produce a panto in just one day...acting, props, costumes, set.  We had so much fun with everyone and enjoyed sharing our play with an audience of over 90!  You can watch a video about the workshop produced by 'Made in Bristol' here.  Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the day a success.  Special thanks to the Southville Centre and 'In the Pink Catering' for their support.

Autumn 2015 -  Launchpad provided three workshops for Nursery and Reception children at Parson Street Primary.  The theme was 'bonfire night'.  This project was funded by Parson Street Primary School.

Autumn 2015 - Launchpad worked with two year 4 classes at Headley Park Primary School.  We led sessions in the morning to discuss the 20mph speed limit including the pros and cons of the project.  In the afternoon the children were invited to produce banners for a parade and make musical instruments.  This project was funded by Bristol City Council.  Please click here for the ITV news article.

Summer 2015 - Launchpad provided an art workshop for 5-11 year olds and two pre-school sessions at Scrapstore in their brand new space 'Room to Play'.  We are looking forward to sharing lots of great projects with Scrapstore in the future!

Summer 2015 - Launchpad worked with children from Southville Primary School to produce 45 clay daisies.  These will be used to mark the 'Daisy Route' that runs through Southville and Bedminster.  This project was funded by the Neighbourhood Partnerships Green Capital Fund.  For more information about the Daisy Route please click here  For a picture please click here.

Spring 2015 - Launchpad provided children's art activities at the Southville Centre, Southville.  This formed part of the Southbank Arts Trail and was also a successful fundraising event for Parkinson's UK.

Spring 2015 - Easter egg project.  Launchpad provided a series of workshops to make paper mache Easter eggs for an Easter egg trail at Manor Woods Valley.   Launchpad worked with the Monday Club for Older People, Parson Street Primary, Headley Park Primary and Southville Primary Art Club.  This project was funded by Sustrans.  Click here to read the review.

Spring 2015 - Parson Street Primary.  Launchpad provided a 'colour' workshop for Parson Street Primary's nursery class.  Activities included making rainmakers, printing rainbows with feet and hands, colour mixing and making rainbow spinners.  This project was funded by Parson Street Primary.  

Winter 2014 - Southville Primary Christmas Fayre.  Launchpad helped the children make some brilliant reindeer hats for Southville Primary's Christmas Fayre.

Winter 2014 - Lantern Parade.  Launchpad worked with years 3 and 4 at Southville Primary to produce some fantastic lanterns for the 2014 Bedminster Lantern Parade.  With thanks to the parents of these children and the organisers of the lantern parade for all their hard work too! Click here to view photo

Winter 2014 - Christmas Decorations.  Launchpad's Art Club decorated Christmas decorations.  This work was commisioned by the North Street traders and the decorations were displayed in local businesses along North Street, Bedminster.

Autumn 2014 - The Southville Centre's AGM.  Launchpad provided a variety of art activities for children at the Southville Centre's AGM.

Autumn 2014 - Clay minibeasts.  Launchpad worked with the Southville Centre's Holiday Club to produce small clay minibeasts.  These were then glazed and fired and 'hidden' along the 'Daisy Route' in Bedminster and Southville for children to find.  This project formed part of 'Let's Walk Bristol' and was funded via the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership.

Summer 2014 - Southville Primary Summer Fayre.  Launchpad provided a variety of art activities for Southville Primary's Summer Fayre.

Spring 2014 - Wooden daisies.  Launchpad took part in a community event in Dame Emily Park.  Adults and children were invited to paint wooden flowers.  These were then hung along the new 'Daisy Route' in Southville and Bedminster.  This project formed part of 'Let's Walk Bristol' and was funded via the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership.

Spring 2014 - Robot bunting.  The bunting had a robot theme and was produced for the Southville Centre.  It was hung outside the centre to promote the Southbank Arts Trail.  The bunting was made by the children from Launchpad Art Club.

Autumn 2013 - Halloween Party.  Launchpad provided a variety of art activities for the Southville Centre's Halloween Party.

Summer 2012 - Southbank Arts Trail. Launchpad provided craft activities as part of the Southbank Arts Trail.

Spring 2012  - Parson Street Primary School.  Launchpad was invited to Parson Street Primary to take part in a colour/recycling themed art project with foundation stage children.