"A fantastic class. My little girl loves joining in singing, games and making things. Really varied activities on a wide range of subjects. Love it!"
- Josie and Eliza


"Brilliant educational class. My child wishes she could go every day!"
- Dayna and Daisy


"I really like the structure of the Launchpad session; the fact that there is singing, story, craft and movement. It has been really beneficial for my son."
- Caroline and Jake


"Sarah always enjoys coming to Launchpad. It’s great to hear her talk about what she’s learnt and made afterwards."
- Jen and Sarah


"Lots of encouragement and praise ensured that even the most shy child wanted to join in."
- Sam and Lucy


"Quite simply the most well conceived, creative and educational classes for your pre-schooler."
- Gemma and Sonu


"Your enthusiasm is infectious.  You enjoy your work and it shows.  The creativity of each activity is unique and I feel the educational benefits have made a big difference.


"From such a quiet little boy who wouldn't speak, Launchpad helped Syd grow in confidence.  He has absolutely loved it."
- Lou and Syd


"Emma and Adele are brilliant at packing each session with lots of variety to keep children engaged without them realising they're learning."
- Karen and Issy


"The way you explain concepts and speak to the children has helped me develop my language to talk to him so he understands."
- Louisa and Isaac


"Both my children have really enjoyed Launchpad. A fab mix of activity and education. Emma and Adele are engaging, patient and kind."
- Kathy and Agnes


"Utterly brilliant pre-school classes, loved by all my boys. Singing, stories, art and learning made fun!"
- Lucinda, Wilf, Ned and Gilbs


"I have been a part of the Launchpad family for years now, first with my daughter and now with my son, and think it is the best pre-school session on offer in Bristol."
- Katherine and Eddie